Happy September!

September is my favorite month of the year. Most days are perfect. Not too hot; not too cold. We usually travel in September, but this year my dear friend will be visiting from overseas and trying to cheer me up. I will walk to Central Park with him – my new favorite place to sit and  read (or write) for a few hours each morning. And I will juice good fruits and veggies for him, and try to convince him to do a detox day with me. (I can see it now – we’ll snap at each other all day because he’ll be missing his coffee and I’ll be craving cake!)

I’ve been meaning to post about my adventures with juicing and trying to live a sugar free, dairy free, alcohol free, red meat free, coffee free, wheat free life, but I haven’t had the energy. I should have a lot of energy considering I’ve given up most of my vices (I eat Pamela’s gluten free, dairy free, wheat free cookies). No. I feel all sorts of discombobulated these days. And it isn’t actually hellish to live without all of the above, just time consuming and expensive. I find I have the most difficulty when I go out. I’m the kind of person who loves to snack while I’m sitting in the park or going for a walk, but 3 bucks for a small healthy fruit bar or 7 bucks for an organic bowl of greens is just too much. If I could really get it together, I’d figure out a way to pack stuff  and carry it with me. Oh, and I really hate cleaning my juicer!

I also meant to remind you to tune into Kris Carr’s documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer on TLC. It was fabulous. You don’t have to have cancer to be inspired by her story. My only issue was the lack of information on how she could afford to do everything she did. Did health insurance cover all those weeks at the Hippocrates Health Institute? Or could she afford the travel, specialists, yoga retreats, etc., because she was a successful actress? Kris Carr is on a book tour through October. Some of her stops include a screening of the film. Maybe she’s coming to a town near you.

So, I’m still in pain, but I have no diagnosis. I’ve bought a bunch of books on healing naturally and eating raw foods exclusively. Everything I read seems to agree on one thing: Sugar and dairy are bad. Makes a lot of sense to me.