Our Weekly Review of Whiskey Road.

Here’s a little bit from Terri Schlichenmeyer’s great review of Whiskey Road in Our Weekly – “L.A.’s Premier Community Newspaper”

…author Karen Siplin gently draws you in to a cocktail of mystery, romance, and thriller with her spare, powerful style of writing. I liked the way Siplin keeps certain secrets from readers as we get to know Jimi and Caleb, and I liked the way even the most peripheral characters mean something. This is one of those books you share with friends; it’s a quick read and I think you’ll love it. This weekend, pour yourself into a comfortable chair, and give this novel a shot. Once you start “Whiskey Road”, it’s going to be hard not to finish it in one big gulp.

4 thoughts on “Our Weekly Review of Whiskey Road.

  1. Congrats to the great reviews! 🙂 BTW I understand your digital camera mania–now that I have one, I take pictures of everything–ducks, flowers, drunk people, you name it! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Kim.

    The other thing my digital camera had me addicted to was taking pictures of my husband. I would take pictures of him when he left for work and when he returned in the evening. It was driving us both crazy, so I stopped. He’s managed to take a couple pictures of me, so you may see them on the Internet soon. I’ve just finished 3 interviews and the pictures should accompany them. I’ll post the links when they’re live.

    I also want to open a Flickr account so I can post the pictures I take of NYC. I’m really into the architecture on the Upper East Side and have a whole new appreciation for the grand houses that were built from 1880 – 1930 and are still standing. They’re incredible. (And it’s a little depressing since many of them were sold to foreign nations and are consulates or private residences for ambassadors.)

  3. I agree with the reviewer. Karen is my favroite author. She writes with alot of heart. Her style is very engaging, I always get so caught up in the characters and the story line.

    I love Whiskey Road so much I bought four copies and passed them on to my friends.

    Congrats Karen……..

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