The Chicago Defender Interview.

Author and journalist Shamontiel Vaughn has interviewed me for The Chicago Defender. Please check us out here. And please check out Shamontiel’s website. She has written two novels, Change for a Twenty and Round Trip.

5 thoughts on “The Chicago Defender Interview.

  1. You’re alive! Hallelujah. Now write another book please. I started reading “Such a Girl” for the __th time. (I really can’t fill in the blank. I sincerely can’t remember how many times I’ve read your books.) I started re-reading it again tonight after finishing Nelson Mandela’s “Conversation With Myself” and figured I’d stop by to say hello. No clue what you’re up to these days, but I certainly hope you write another book. Every time I re-read your books, I think, “I have got to find someone to date who is like the male characters in her book.” They’re always cooler than the average.

    • Hi! I thought of you the other day. Wondered what you are up to. This was my attempt to start updating the blog again, but I didn’t come back! Thank you so much for posting that comment. I’m working on a teen novel now – almost finished. And then I have an adult novel I’d like to work on. How are you?

  2. I just finished reading “Whiskey Road” and then it hit me that I never bothered to check the box below in case you replied. Ironically enough I decided to read “I, Tina” since it was available from a library hold. So I went from one woman with tales of a permanent black eye to another. As for me, I went from the Defender to three years at the Tribune to freelancing to a full-time proofreader. When I’m not writing, I’m editing, and boy, do I want to rewrite both books. I’ve learned a massive amount about editing since then. My email address is attached. Please let me know when your adult book and teen book release. I’ll read them both and plug them nonstop if I love them the way I do your other three books. While I wait for my next library book, now I’ll reread the third of three of yours. They never get old.

    • Nice to hear from you. I’m sorry I don’t have more news, but I thank you for rereading my novels. I’m still working on the teen novel. Almost finished. Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot and that’s great. I keep dreaming of taking classes – grammar, screenwriting, languages, sports. I never do. The world is very weird these days. I hope you’re doing well.

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