3 thoughts on “Yes We Can.

  1. I volunteered in March to help people sign up for health insurance and I remembered our MySpace convo on the topic. I wondered what your view would be on Affordable Care Act nowadays. (If you have no recollection of this conversation, your entertaining response isn’t something I can say on the blogs. Think on it. You’ll remember.)

    • I don’t remember the MySpace convo at all. Now I’m curious. I’m quite cynical these days and only feel annoyance about people who sign up of the Affordable Care Act while bashing President Obama.

      • It’s definitely not something I’d say on your blog, but I am still amused you admitted it. Email me if you want a reminder. As far as people bashing him, I have found more often than not that the loudest critics don’t vote at all and couldn’t tell me what an electoral college is if money was the prize. Nothing drives me crazier than opinionated nonvoters! Ugh!

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