Thank you.

Thank you to all of the readers who have contacted me to say you love Whiskey Road. It has been a long process, and I can’t honestly say I’ve enjoyed all of it. I love the novel I wrote, but the journey from writing the book to seeing it in bound form is long and can truly drain a person’s creativity and confidence.

I’ve been having a tough time getting into my next projects, but each time I hear from someone, I’m motivated to keep working. The really cool thing is, no one just says “I loved Whiskey Road.” All of you have written to say how much you enjoyed His Insignificant Other and Such a Girl. And you urge me to write a new one soon.

I don’t know when my next book will be finished, but please keep your correspondence coming. It may seem like a small gesture, but it means so much! Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. I enjoyed Whiskey Road but don’t feel that the story has been fully told. I would like to see another novel which continues the story where the last novel left off. I want to know if the love relationship was successful and I want to know what happened to the character who mugged her and took her motorcycle. Since he has her drivers license etc… and she has his money, I don’t believe that he would stop looking for her. I think a person like that would try to come after her again to kill her. Please consider doing a sequel.

    • Hi Sharron, thanks for your comment. I haven’t considered doing a sequel, but your thoughts about why one is needed make sense. I’ll keep thinking about it.

  2. Dear Karen,

    Oh my, I have found you again after all this time. You might not even remember me, it is Anna Boekweg from Holland!
    I went through old photos in my attic last week, and found all the wonderful photos of us going to Italy.

    So much has happened in my life, but I am now finally settling down and rooting in the South of France.

    You have always been part of such special memories, and it would make me so happy to hear from you.

    I hope and wish all is well with you and your loved ones.

    Warmest greetings,

  3. I’m sure we’re still connected, Anna. I’ve also been looking at photos from our trip to Italy this week. One of our Italian friends (do you remember Cristiano?) asked if I still have pictures from the trip, so I found some of them.

    We are also connected because lately I’ve had a strong desire to live in a small village in France that looks so much like the one you live in. Now I’m sure it is my connection to you that is pulling at me ;).

    It’s funny. Do you remember how we felt about France 22 years ago?

  4. Karen I’ve been waiting for a long time to see a new book out from you. I understand the process is long and hard at times but never forget there are people like me out there who love the way you bring your characters to life. I read His Insignificant Other in one night and cried like a baby after. I read Such A Girl twice. Whiskey Road was exciting to hold in my hand after waiting so long.
    Please hurry back!!!!!


    • Oh, Shauna, thank you for your comment. I’ve been struggling with my next book, but I’ll keep at it. It’s always great to receive notes like this to remind me why I’m writing. I had kidney surgery mid-November so I’m still recuperating, but I plan to get back to work very soon.

  5. Hello Karen,

    It’s great to see a new post on your blog. I was just telling my husband that I was searching the internet to see what you have been up to! I have three of your books and love them all. I am happy to see that you are still writing. I will wait patiently for your next book because I know your work is worth the wait. Take care! 🙂

    • Hello Raena, I keep reminding myself to update my blog and web site, but I never get around to it. I’m sorry. It’s 2012 already and I’m still working on my novels (adult and teen). Once something is finished, I will make sure to update the blog. Thank you for thinking of me, searching for me and writing!

    • Shauna,
      Thank you so much for your patience, and for keeping in touch! I’m still working on my fourth novel for adults, as well as a teen novel. I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. Some days it feels as if I’m still recuperating from surgery. I hope I’ll finish my books soon.

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